What is Al-Rahma?

Al-Rahma is an umbrella organisation that caters to the needs of young Muslims living primarily in contemporary Britain, ranging from theology, education and identity formation all the way to etiquette and lifestyle. It also engages in daʿwah with the neighbouring non-Muslim communities in a healthy way and on an approachable level. As such, Al-Rahma is not only an onling blog but also a community hub.

About the founder

Born and raised in Northampton, England, Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman was educated in and graduated from IDA, Leicester, in 2014. After gaining some experience in instructing Qurʾanic literacy as well as teaching the national curriculum, the shaykh founded Al-Rahma, a daʿwah platform and online blog, in 2016. A thinker, educator and writer, he joined Safar Publications in 2017, where he remains to this day as a curriculum writer. The shaykh is also continuing his postgraduate studies, reading for a master’s degree in Islamic Education: Theory and Practice at the University of Warwick.