#WhoIsMuhammad ﷺ

#WhoIsMuhammad ﷺ

Who made the world a united nation?

Holistic approach and robust operation

One man in Makkah, with divine education.


“Is it possible,” you ask, “to receive revelation?

Sounds like you have quite a big imagination!”


Muḥammad, the Arab, the Semite, the Asian

Unparalleled in style, with skilled articulation

He eradicated falsehood on every occasion

Applied in his life the Qurʾānic obligation

Maqām Maḥmūd is his praiseworthy station

Moon split in two – mutawātir narration

After all these rhymes and succinct elaboration,

Do you still deny he’s the best of creation?



2 thoughts on “#WhoIsMuhammad ﷺ

  1. Abdulah

    Mash’Allah this is madd

  2. Bilqis

    This is good. MashAllah

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