The Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ

The Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ

Muḥammad was a present for

The whole of humankind.

He taught us life and so much more

How merciful and kind.


A shining light lit up the sky

In Makkah where he grew.

He raised his finger pointing high

And the moon split into two.


He changed the world from East to West

Despite them being so far.

There is no doubt that he’s the best

Of all besides Allāh.


He spent some time in a cave alone

When an angel came to see,

Who said to him in a vigorous tone:

“Read something to me.”


He arrived at home and told our mother:

“I do not feel the same.”

She took him to a pious brother

Waraqah was his name.


He noticed that each and every sign

Is found in al-Tawrāh.

“I wish to see your message shine,

O Prophet of Allāh!”


He then became the greatest man –

A shiny, glowing star.

He spoke to every tribe and clan

And attached them to Allāh.


His outward look was just astounding –

Physique and also dress.

His beauty alone is really something

Shahin cannot express.


So please, Allāh, enable me

To spread what he had taught.

Fill my heart with joy and glee

With Muḥammad  in my thoughts.

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  1. Ma'az

    Masha Allah Shaykh, keep up the work

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