In the wilderness of pain, I sit feeling lonely

Nobody to comfort, support or even hold me.

My thoughts playing away just wishing: “Oh, if only.”

Hoping the winds will blow and change my affairs for me.


At the peak of my sadness, no hope there seems to be.

Neither a friend nor any stranger to console me.

I raise my hands up high and turn to He who owns me.

It is now I realise I’m not really lonely.


A new feeling set within; a feeling so cosy.

A feeling of contentment is changing me slowly.

In moments comes my answer from the One and Only.

The one whom I’ve hurt and always ignored so boldly.


Life is now to change; I’m devoting to Him solely

Knowing I do nothing, as it’s Allāh who controls me.

To my Creator I’m to submit myself wholly.

My heart’s overjoyed with His love through which He stole me.

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