Living a Lie

Living a Lie

Allāh sent Muḥammad to show us the way

The way we should live until Judgement Day

But we choose to follow paths that lead astray

And when we reach the end we’ll just have to pay.


When will we realise we’re living a lie?

What will we do when we’re about to die?

Life’s rushing forward; it will crash like a wave

It seems so quick from the cradle to the grave.


Now I’m in my grave and Qiyāmah is near

Why is it now my heart begins to fear?

The Angels come and ask me: “What is your Dīn?

Will I answer right? Oh, what does this mean?


Judgement Day is here and I’m facing the Fire

This is what you get for following desire!

If only I can go back and change my ways

But I spoiled my chances; now it’s time to pay.


If I’d valued Islām, the only true Dīn

I could’ve been one of the Muttaqīn

My brothers and sisters, please take my advice:

Change your life right now, before your demise.


Respect your loving mother, and father too

That will bring eternal success for you

They’ve always been there for you, their Shining Star

So go and give thanks to Almighty Allāh.


Don’t live your life like it’s just a pleasant dream

Shayṭān misleads from alirāt-al-Mustaqīm

Live as a good Muslim until your demise

The Right Path is there for those who are wise.

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