#BestOfMankind ﷺ

#BestOfMankind ﷺ

Best of all humanity is he.

Every single one of us can see.

So let’s discuss a remarkable piece of art:

The name ‘Muḥammad’ – continually in my heart.


Of course, he was poor, yet he always loved to give;

Forever he taught the simplest way to live.


Mankind has learned so much from his regime.

Allāh has blessed him: made him so supreme.

Not once did he commit a single crime.

Kept his word – morals of the sublime.

If only I could see his face and shawl,

Never would I close my eyes, at all.

Deserves more praise, but the size of my poem’s too small.



Shahin-ur Rahman, Northampton

21st Rabīʿ al-Awwal 1436 AH

12th January 2015 CE

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